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24 December 2011

Amazing People With Amazing Abilities

Here is a group of amazing people who have astounded the world and science with their amazing abilities.

Liew Thow Lin - The Magnetic Man


Liew Thow Lin is the real life Magnetic Man of the world. In Malaysia, he is known as the Human Magnet. Liew Thow Lin has the ability to stick metal objects to his body just as a magnet does. He has showcased his ability at a number of events around the world, sticking objects weighing up to 2kg.
The source behind Lin's marvelous abilities is no magnetism. Scientists have found no magnetic fields in Lin's body but say that the effect is due to a powerful "suction effect" of his skin. Whatever the reason but the ability seems to be genetic as Lin's grandchildren can also stick objects just like their Grandpa.

Wim Hof - The Ice Man


The Dutchman Wim Hof is the man the world called 'The Ice Man'. Wim Hof has the ability to withstand temperatures that would be fatal to an ordinary human. He has swam under sheer cold water, took the longest ice bath and even climbed the Mount Kilimanjaro in nothing but shorts.
Wim owes his ability to withstand extremely cold temperatures to the Tibetan practice of Tummo. The 45-year-old Dutchman describes his ability as being able to turn his own thermostat up by using his brain.

Patjic Slavia - The Electric Man

Can you survive a lightning strike? Well, this man can take 2000 volts on his body. Slavia Patjic has an ability to take lightning bolts on his body without a tiny harm. He can even grill a sausage with his charges. The Serbian has been dubbed by his followers as the Electric Man and has become a star in his country. Slavia Patjic now aims to conquer America by attempting the electric chair.

Kim Peek - The Real Rain Man


Kim Peek is the real rain man whose unimaginable powers of memory inspired the Oscar-winning role played by Dustin Hoffman in 1988 film Rain Man. 
Kim Peek is known as the "Mega Savant" for his unbelievable skills. His amazing memory capabilities has allowed him to memorize more than 12,000 books upto a word, including the Bible. He knew phone books by heart and can tell you what day of the week a certain date fell upon going back centuries. He could read two pages in 10 seconds, the left page with the left eye and the right one with the right eye.
But all the abilities of Peek are coupled with some deep disabilities. Peek lacks simple motor skills due to which he relies on his father for everyday jobs like dressing and combing hair.

Scott Flansburg - The Human Calculator


There are many people in the world who could solve mathematical problems without needing any calculator or even paper, right in their mind. This man is the Father of all of them. Scott Flansburg is called the Human calculator for his truly astonishing math skills. Scott can not only solve problems but he can solve them with lightning speed. Also dubbed as the Fastest Human Calculator, Scott Flansburg holds the record for adding a number to itself more times in 15 seconds than a person can do with a calculator. As Scott stated, “the only thing that hinders me from adding the number faster is that I can’t speak as fast as I can think of the right answer.”
Scott can not only add, but also subtract, divide, multiply, square root and cube root at the same lightning fast speeds.

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