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21 February 2014

Weird Stuff: 10 Ridiculous Things Made of Gold

Thinking about some weird stuff, here are the 10 most ridiculous things made of Gold.

Toilet Paper

Gold Toilet Paper

There could be no better waste of wealth than this. The Australian company 'The Toilet Man' has produced a toilet paper roll made entirely of 22-carat gold. This weird golden item costs an astonishing $1,376,900. The roll is three ply to provide the most gentle wipe. Each order will be personally delivered with a bottle of champagne. Talking in Dubai, the company stated: 'As you use the toilet paper 22-carat gold flakes will fall onto the floor and your behind, taking you to another level of sophistication.


Gold Pills
Okay you got golden paper to wipe your bottom, now here's something to turn your poop into gold. These magical pills will literally get your shit glittering. These bizarre capsules are filled with 24-karat gold leaf and dipped in gold. Priced at $425, these pills are produced by Tobias Wong and Just Another Rich Kid. The producers state that the idea comes from a man who has just everything... except for golden faeces.


Gold Shirt
The £14,000 shirt made of solid gold is owned by the 32-year old Indian money lender Datta Phuge. The shirt took a team of 15 goldsmiths two weeks to make working sixteen hours each day. Datta Phuge aims to attract the ladies with the shirt and says that he may not be too good looking but no woman could fail to be dazzled by his shirt.


Gold Pencil
These golden pencils have been produced by Korean designer Daisung Kim. Each pencil is coated with a thin layer of 24-carat gold and cost $20 a piece. 


Gold Lemonade
This ultra delux drink was produced by the company Elixia Faustin. This extravagant lemonade is chilled with 24-carat gold flakes to refresh your wealthy mind. The idea was inspired by a client who demanded a delux drink from the company in Dubai.


Gold Coffin
This coffin is for those who prefer finer things in life - and even afterlife. The gold coffin is produced by the Art Funeral, Italy and introduced in 2010. Valued at $400,000, it is coated with 24-carat gold. The coffin even comes with a gold coated mobile phones in case the departed wants to make a call. Ridiculous!!!


Gold Staples
These staples will surely impress your boss by turning your next report gold decked. Designed by the Dutch design house Oooms, these 14 carat gold plated staples are intended as a form of jewelery. The staples come in a velvet case with 24 piece, priced at $210.

Christmas Tree

Golden Christmas Tree
The Japanese jewellers Ginza Tanaka are known for their unusual gold-made objects, but this one takes them a leap further. The Ginza Tanaka "Golden Christmas Tree" is the perfect ingredient to pimp up your Christmas. Made from 26 pounds of the noble metal, the tree stands at 8.2 feet tall. It is decorated with about 100 ribbons, orchids and hearts, all made of gold. The Golden Christmas Tree is valued at $2 Million. 

Ice cream

Gold Ice Cream, Golden Opulence Sundae
If you have a sweet tooth with a passion for gold, then this ice cream will suit you best. This 23-carat gold leaf coated delight has the distinction of being the most expensive desert in the world. This is the Golden Opulence Sundae by New York restaurant Serendipity 3. It is made from the finest Tahitian Vanilla ice cream infused with Madagascar Vanilla. Drizzled with the world's most expensive chocolate, Amedei Porcelana, it is served in a goblet which has a crown that is made of gold along with diamonds. The prize for such a treat is an incredible $1,000.


Gold Cheese
Gold is the last thing you would expect in cheese. UK company Clawse has created a cheese that contains a combination of real, edible gold leaf and real gold-cinnamon schnapps. It costs a staggering £60 ($95) per 100g slice, which makes it the most expensive cheese in UK.

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