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05 March 2015

5 Unexplained Mysteries that will Haunt you for Answers

From reincarnated twins to ghost ships, these are some of the most famous unexplained mysteries of all time.

The Pollock Twins

Pollock Twins
Jennifer and Gillian Pollock - The Pollock Twins

Hexham, England, was home to the little, happy Pollock family that led a normal life until they met with an accident that tore apart their family picture forever. Joanna Pollock, 11, and her little sister Jacqueline Pollock, were killed when they were hit by a car.
The tragic accident left the parents literally destroyed. A year later, they got a good news when they found out that Florence Pollock, the mother, was pregnant. Florence's doctors told her that she was only carrying one child, but everybody was surprised when Florence gave birth to a pair of twin sisters, christened Jennifer and Gillian.
The parents noticed that Jennifer was born with the same birth marks as her dead sister Jacqueline. Even the behaviors of the little twins resembled those of their dead sisters.
As the twins grew older, they started requesting toys that once belonged to their dead sisters. They even remembered the old house where their sisters spent their little life, the school they attended and even the park they used to play at. Dr. Ian Stevenson, one of the reputed psychologists of the time, studied the case and concluded it was likely the twins were reincarnations of their departed sisters. Even more bizarre is the fact that the memories disappeared, almost overnight, as the girls reached the age of five years.

The Green Children of Woolpit

Green Children

In 12th century England, the people of Woolpit found two children near a wolf pit. They were astonished by the green color of the children's skin. Besides their unusual skin color, the children were also wearing strange clothes and spoke an alien language. The children were taken to the village but they refused to eat anything other then beans. They quickly became popular as the Green Children of Woolpit.
The Green Children gradually adopted a normal life style and their green skin color faded away. When the Green Children learnt to speak English, they told the villagers they have come from a land where the sun never shone and everything there was green. They were herding their father's animals when they heard the sound of bells which guided them to our world.

The Dyatlov Pass Incident

Dyatlov Pass Incident

The Dyatlov Pass Incident took place more than 50 years ago, but still remains one of the strangest unexplained mysteries of Russia. In January of 1959, eight students set off for hiking in the Ural Mountains. In February, the hikers went missing.
They were found six miles away from their camp site, near Kholat Syakhl, meaning 'Mountain of the dead' in Russian. The camp was in wrecks. It looked like it was torn from the inside and covered in snow. All their equipment were found inside the camp. The bodies were later found buried in snow.
Strangely, the bodies had no clothes and no shoes, and that too in a chilling -30 degrees centigrade. The bodies had serious injuries, two of them had fractured skulls two more had major chest fractures, and one hiker was missing her tongue.
The bodies had a deep brown tan and gray hair. Some of the hiker's clothes also contained radioactive contamination. Authorities who examined the case determined that the deaths had been caused by an "unknown compelling force". For some people, the hikers were killed by extra terrestrial while others blame it on Soviet military experiments. Whatever happened to the Dyatlov Pass hikers, we might never know.

Mary Celeste

Mary Celeste

In 1872, Dei Gratia, a British brigantine was sailing in the Atlantic Ocean when they came across a ship that was out of control and yawing. The captain of Dei Gratia decided to check out and recognized the ship to be Mary Celeste, a merchant brigantine from New York.
Mary Celeste had left New York for Genoa. When the captain of Dei Gratia investigated the ship, they found it in a seaworthy condition. The cargo compartments were filled with alcohol barrels. They even found served food in the dining hall. But the crew was no where to be found. There were no signs of panic. Everything was at its place. It seemed like the crew had suddenly left the ship..
Mary Celeste was being captained by Captain Briggs. He was accompanied by his wife, a 2-year old daughter Sophia and seven more crew members. What happened to these people remains one of the many unexplained mysteries of the sea.

Babushka Lady

Babushka Lady

The Babushka lady is an unknown woman present at the time of  assassination of American President, John F. Kennedy. The identity of Babushka Lady remains a mystery to this day. The name 'Babushka' refers to the scarf the woman was wearing, which looks very similar to scarves normally worn by elderly Russian women.
The woman appears to be photographing the event. After the President was shot, the Babushka lady keeps photographing as others around her run for cover. She was never seen after the shooting. Although, there were people who came forward, years later, and claimed to be the Babushka Lady, the photographs taken by her were never obtained.
Was the Babushka lady part of the assassin party? Or her camera captured some shocking evidence? The mystery of Babushka lady still begs for answers.

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