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28 July 2012

Top 10 Unusual and Odd Jobs

From golf ball divers to chicken sexers - this is our pick of the top 10 most unusual and odd jobs from around the world so if you're sitting in your office cursing your job, thank God you don't have to do any of these.

Cow Inseminator

odd jobs: cow inseminator

The cattle industry has grown to become one of great industries of the world. The breeding of top quality cattle is a vital part of the industry which has given rise to a new science. The process is quite sophisticated and even employs computer systems for its tasks. But no computer can do the job of a cow inseminator. Imagine yourself having your arm shoulder deep in a female cow- this is exactly the job of a cow inseminator. The objective is to fertilize the cow with a donor semen. Surely an odd experience for the cow as well.

Airplane Repo

odd jobs: aircraft repo

If you own an airplane and you fall behind airplane loans, then you can find yourself come face to face with an airplane repo. This odd job is filled with amazing thrills and adventures and an airplane repo lives a life of a real life James Bond. However, the risk is worth it as the job pays 10,000$ to 90,000$ a year.
If you're planning for a career as an aircraft repo, then be prepared for tough work, though. Some repo men get shot at or tossed in a foreign prison. 

Golf Ball Diver

odd jobs: golf ball divers

No, don't think of it as a combination of golf and scuba diving, this is completely GOLF. A golf ball diver's job is to dive into golf course lakes in search of lost golf balls. They collect them and clean them and put them to sell. Simple enough.

Watching Paint Dry

odd jobs: watching paint dry

This is probably one of the most boring jobs in the world. This man's job is to see how long it takes for a paint to dry. This can sound dull but is a very important job for paint industries.

Human Scarecrow

odd jobs: human scarecrow

Do you live in the country and annoyed of people telling you have no career, then here's a job for you. You know crows are a nuisance for farmers, eating their precious crops. You can now be a solution. Dressed in loose trousers and old fashioned straw hats, here's a chance to show your worth by scaring those pesky crows as a human scarecrow. So, how do you like your new job.

Odd Job Journalist

odd jobs: odd job journalist

We all know about odd jobs all around the world but here is a job for you in which you actually go through all the odd jobs in order to earn yourself some handful money. Yes, its actually the job of an odd job journalist in which you have to write about all the odd jobs around the world. This really sounds some heck of a job.

Chicken Sexer

odd jobs: chicken sexer

As we all know that chicks are really cute but how will it hit you if someone asks you separate those young cute chicks according to their sex. You might find it odd but people known as chicken sexers are actually paid to separate those young cute chicks according to their sex. A pretty odd job but more than that a real difficult one I must say.

Cartoon people/Mascots

odd jobs: mascots

Remember when you were young and visited some carnivals with your parents, you meet one of your favorite cartoon characters. Actually these are not the real cartoon characters surely but are some people who are actually present in there. An entertainment for you but not for the one who is actually doing it.

Furniture Tester

odd jobs: furniture testers

Every single human in this world just wants to get paid for just sitting. But, there are some lucky human beings present who are actually being paid for just sitting. The furniture testers are paid for testing furniture by just sitting on them. A heavenly job which every single person in the universe would love to do but a real odd one I must say.

Fortune Cookie Writer

odd jobs: fortune cookie writer

As a child, I always wondered who the heck is behind these fortune cookies. Now I know that there is no divinity involved but just a simple guy who calls himself the fortune cookie writer. If you also have the skills to write someone else's fortune, then don't be late for applying this FORTUNE job.

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