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14 June 2013

The Incredible Ruby Falls of Chattanooga, Tennessee

Ruby Falls is an underground waterfall in Tennessee, USA. It is part of the Lookout Mountains in Chattanooga. Ruby Falls is one of the most famous underground waterfalls in the world. The beauty of Ruby Falls makes anyone go 'WOW'.

Ruby Falls: History

Ruby Falls was discovered by Leo Lambert
Ruby Falls remained unnoticed till the 20th century. It seems really surprising how such an amazing place  was undiscovered for such a long time. It finally came to the public eye when Leo Lambert, a chemist and cave enthusiast who accidentally discovered the cave, got the idea of turning the place into a tourist attraction. Although his primary motive was entirely commercial, I think that we all should be thankful to the man for finding such an amazing place. Thus Leo Lambert started work to turn the place more tourist friendly and named it Ruby Falls, after his wife.

Ruby Falls: Formation

An Amazing View of Ruby Falls
About 200 million years ago, the area around Tennessee was covered by a shallow sea. The sea disappeared with time and sediments turned into the limestone rocks that are found in the area today. The ground water gradually carved caverns into the limestone including Ruby Fall Cavern that houses the Ruby Falls.

Lookout Mountain which houses the Ruby Falls
At the top of Lookout Mountain
The Ruby Falls is situated in the heart of the Lookout Mountain. An elevator takes visitors, 26 stories below the surface. The cave path is full of beautiful stalactites and stalagmites which makes the little journey more amazing.

Inside Ruby Cave

Ruby Cave lit up
The Ruby Falls is 145ft high. The rocks around the falls are cut to provide the tourists a better view of the waterfall. The lighting show adds immensely to the breathtaking beauty of the falls and fills the entire cavern with gentle hues. The stream from the fall drops in a pool on the floor. Don't try to drink the water of the spring, because although it is filtered through the rock, the large Magnesium content has made it a natural laxative. So, avoid ruining your further trip by a drink. ;)

Ruby Falls Photos

Ruby Falls Entrance
Ruby Falls illuminated


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