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07 January 2012

The 10 Weirdest World Records

World records are always bizarre and strange but picking the weirdest world records can be quite a task.
Here is our pick of the most fascinating weird world records of the World.

Weird World Records: The Biggest Meal

world record biggest meal michel lotito
Michel Lotito, better known as Monsieur Mangetout (Mr. Eat Everything) is famous for his weird diet. He is the current world record holder of the biggest meal ever eaten: a Cessna 150 airplane. 
Doctors found that Mangetout’s stomach lining is twice as thick as a normal stomach lining, which explains why he is able to digest these stuff.

Weird World Records: The Loudest Burp

world record loudest burp
Had my mother let me practice at the dinner table as a child, I could be the one holding this record. Instead, it's British subject Paul Hunn who can perform a burp reaching 118.1 decibels; an intensity some compared to a pneumatic drill or an airplane taking off. 
Unfortunately for him, he doesn't indulge himself whenever it strikes his fancy. According to this record holder, the greatest belches occur after eating spicy foods and sucking in a lot of air. I certainly will be practicing this at the next family feast.

Weird World Records: The Longest Beard For Women

world record longest beard woman
With the longest hair measuring 11 inches 27.9 cm long, Vivian Wheeler of Illinois is blessed with the longest beard for a woman in the world. Her father stressed she start shave at the age of 7 but since 1993, she has let her beard grow.
Vivian prefers to keep her beard tied up to allow her to perform everyday chores easily. She is not at all irritated with her manly characteristic but says, "“It really helped to have a Guinness World Record... it showed me I could be proud of being me. It made me feel like I had a chance in society.”

Weird World Records: The Fastest Furniture

world record fastest furniture
Perry Watkins, an inventor from Buckinghamshire, is thought to have set a world record for the fastest piece of furniture after driving his dining table down a racetrack at more than 113mph.The table, named "Fast Food", reached a top speed of 130mph and averaged 113.8mph, comfortably eclipsing the 92mph set by a sofa in 2007.

Weird World Records: The Largest Lollipop

world record largest lollipop
Jolly Rancher has unveiled the World's Largest Lollipop. The record breaking lollipop Weighs a whopping 4,016 pounds and measures 62.8 inches in diameter (over 5 feet square) and 18.9 inches thick. The Jolly Rancher lollipop, an exact replica of the regular-sized Jolly Rancher cherry lollipop, breaks the previous record by over 1,000 pounds.

Weird World Records: The Most Car Collisions

world record rusty haight most car collisions
W.R. 'Rusty' Haight of San Diego owns the dubious world record of being in the most car collisions. By February 2003, the traffic collision re-constructionist had endured 718 collisions. Now that's what you call a human crash test dummy.

Weird World Records: The Longest Tongue

world record longest tongue
The longest tongue measures 9.8 cm (3.86 in) from the tip to the middle of his closed top lip and was achieved by Stephen Taylor (United Kingdom), at Westwood Medical Centre, Coventry, United Kingdom, on 11 February 2009. The women's record is held by the Los Angeles resident Chanel Tapper who claims the record with a tongue 3.86 inches long.

Weird World Records: The Tallest Motorcycle

The tallest motorcycle was constructed by Gregory Dunham (USA)it is 3.429  m (11 ft 3 in) tall to the top of handlebars, 6.187 m (20 ft 4 in) long and weighs 2.948 tonnes (6,500 lb). It is powered by a 8.2 litre (502 cu in) V8 engine and has tyres that are 1.88 m (74 in) tall.

Weird World Records: Most People in a Custard Pie Fight

world record biggest custard fight
The record for the most people participating in a custard pie fight was achieved by the students of Drake University, Olmsted. The record was set  when nearly 700 students joined the custard pie fight in the parking lot of the Drake University. The event was organized by "Dogtown After Hours" alcohol free program. Drake University really have some crazy bundle of students.

Weird World Records: The Longest Legs

world record longest legs
Talk about having the world at your feet, Svetlana Pankratova has the blessing of the longest legs in the world. Svetlana utilizes her awesome legs to play basketball, even setting unbreakable records at the school level. 

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