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26 November 2011

10 Weird Sports That You Never Heard Of

Weird Sport: Wife Carrying

Originated in Finland, wife carrying is about male competitors carrying female teammates through a special obstacle course. The objective of the game is to clear the course in fastest time. There are many thoughts about how the weird sport started but most believe the tale of Herkko Rosvo-Ronkainen, a thief who stole food and women from his area and carried the women on his shoulders.

Wife carrying can sound like a joke but this weird game is traveling through the borders Finland and spreading the US, Hong Kong, India and many other parts of the world.


Weird Sports: Chess Boxing

Chess Boxing is a hybrid sport which is a combination of chess and boxing. The game involves 11 alternate rounds of chess and boxing bringing the power of brain and brawn in the same arena. This rather weird game is a perfect test of physical and mental capabilities.

The participants or Chess boxers should be skilled in both boxing and chess as the match can be won either way.


Weird Sports: Toe Wrestling

Toe wrestling is a childhood game which has made into the adult gaming world. The rules are not different from the childhood version of the game. Competitors face each other toe-to-toe, across the toedium, interlocking their toes and trying to force each other off the toedium. Surprisingly, Toe wrestling has its own world championship which takes place annually to crown champion toes. 

So, if you have been toe-knocking your friends at school then have a go at the World Championship.


Weird Sports: Sheep Counting

What is the best way to put yourself to sleep? The answer would probably be Sheep Counting. If you think you're good at counting sheep then Australia is the place for you. The Aussies are crazy for sheep and sports and a recent addition to their sporting calendar is Sheep Counting. 

sheep counting

The game involves atleast 400 sheep madly dashing past ten competitors who will try to count them accurately. The competitor who makes the most accurate estimate as to the real number of sheep wins.


Weird Sports: Cheese Rolling

Each year people from all over the world gather at The Cooper's Hill near Gloucester with their Double Gloucester Cheese, to take part in the annual event known to the world as the Cooper's Hill Cheese Rolling Competition.
cheese rolling

The objective of the game is to roll your cheese and chasing it anyway you can. The cheese can reach of speeds upto 70 mph with the participants at much the same speed. Due to the steepness and unevenness of the hill and the high speeds, there are usually people who get hurt, their pains ranging from sprained ankles to broken bones.


Weird Sports: Worm Charming

The rules for the game are quite simple. Contestants are provided with a patch of ground. The objective of this rather weird sport is to attract as many worms from the ground as possible. Contestants can use any method but be aware that the use of dish washing detergent is not allowed.
worm charming

Weird Sports: Apple Race

The Hounville in Tasmania, Australia hosts the only Apple Race in the world. The Great Huon Apple Race, held around October each year, involves launching an apple from the bridge at Hounville and watching it drop 300 meters down the picturesque Huon River. The winner is one whose apple is the first to cross the line.

apple race

The sale of apples (at $3 each) is a fund raiser for the Rotary Club of Huon Valley.


Weird Sports: Mustache Growing Competition

If you like a bit of facial hair then this may be competition for you. The world beard competition is a biennial competition that invites males with high testosterone levels to have a go at their beard and mustache growing capabilities. This includes large mustaches, goatees and full beard styles. 
mustache growing competition

This weird sport even has its World Championship, which was held in Las Vegas in 2011.


Weird Sports: Ferret Legging

While many sports require enduring pain, this sport is just plain masochistic. This really weird game (invented in North Yorkshire, England) simply requires contestants to keep the two biting, fighting ferrets in their pants for as long as possible.

ferret legging

The idea of keeping two fiery rodents in you most private parts can seem crazy but the lovers of the game (not so many now) describes it a test of endurance.


Weird Sports: Joggling

Joggling is a combination of juggling and jogging. The name of the sport is itself a combination of the two games- Juggling and Jogging. The rules for the sport are simple. The competitors must maintain a juggling pattern while running. Keep in mind that if an object is dropped, the joggler must return and continue from the point where the object fell.


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