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26 October 2012

Australian Tycoon to turn Morgue into Hotel

Morgue Hotel
The Australians have come up with an unusual idea to utilise a disused morgue, by turning it into a hotel.
The morgue is part of a mental asylum. It once housed psychiatric patients, but was abandoned a decade ago after the asylum was closed down.

The owner Hayden Pearce recently bought the 7 acre site. The Tasmanian tycoon and hotelier now plans to turn the unfortunate site into an accomodation.
According to Daily Mail, Pearce will use the 4 rooms of the morgue as an extension to his 22-room hotel nearby.
The previous owner wanted to turn the place into an ice cream parlor and child care center. But Pearce thinks that his unusual idea might intrigue visitors. He told ABC news, "We're hoping to attract the unusual"
If you're planning for a night at the 'Morgue', then don't expect fluffy beds and comfortable suites. Instead of luxurious bed rooms, the morgue-cum-hotel will keep the terrazo stone slabs for resting your weary heads. Pearce reportedly stated: "The idea is to give an experience in a morgue before it's too late."
Pull-out fridge and surgical instruments scattered around the rooms will add to the creepiness of the strange hotel. So, have guts before you take a step in!

Morgue Turned Hotel

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