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16 September 2012

Strange Hotels of the World

Strange Hotels. A hotel is a vital part of any trip. And when it comes to spending your vacations the odd way, these strange hotels can multiply your experience. From Dockside Cranes to Nuclear Bunkers, these are the top 5 weird yet amazing hotels around the world.

Mirror Cube - Blend into Nature

Mirror Cube

The Mirror Cube is probably my favourite one in this list of strange hotels. The Mirror Cube is part of the Tree Hotel in Sweden, which is known for its unique rooms, suspended among the trees, just under the canopy. It's a 4x4x4 aluminium cube covered on the outside with reflective mirrors to help it completely blend with its surroundings, giving it an almost invisible look. The outer surface is covered with an infrared film to prevent the birds from flying into the mirror walls.
The Mirror Cube Hotel comes with a double bed, lounge, bathroom and a rooftop terrace. The cozy interior is made up of birch and the 6 windows provide an excellent panoramic view of the surroundings.
The Mirror Cube charges an amount of Swedish Kronor 4450 per night which includes a breakfast buffet.

Mirror Cube Hotel

Mirror Cube Interior

Null Stern Hotel - The Only Star is You 

Null Stern Hotel

Null Stern is German for Zero Star. The name doesn't describe the hotel's classification but rather is part of part of the company's slogan Null Stern - The only star is You. The name is not the only strange thing about this hotel. The strangest facts about this unique hotel is that it is a former nuclear bunker converted into a hotel.
The concept behind the Null Stern Hotel is about giving a new life to unused real estate. Artist Atelier für Sonderaufgaben has turned the Null Stern Hotel into an excellent minimalist environment. If you're wondering  what it would be like to spend a night inside a nuclear bunker, then I assure you a wonderful time because the Null Stern Hotel has been ranked as one of the top 100 hotels of Europe.

Null Stern Hotel Interior

Prison Hotel - Pay to be in Prison

Prison Hotel

A prison would probably be the last place on earth where someone would want to spend a night. But will you deliberately pay a price to live a night like a prisoner? While many jails around the world have been converted into 4 and 5 star hotels, KGB is one of those last places on earth where you can experience life as a prisoner.
Located in Liepaja, one of the larger cities of Latvia, the jail was built in 1905 to house Czar's troublesome soldiers. In 1970, it was turned into a hotel and the new management took charge.
Unlike any other hotel of the world, the management is proud to be unfriendly, unhearted and uncomfortable. The staff is dressed in Soviet uniforms. Expect no welcome but rather cruel shouting officers barking orders in Latvian. You're subjected to humiliation and psychological tortures. The food served is even worse than you can expect - a hunk of rye bread, pickle and a bowl of Russian tea.
The Liepaja prison is becoming increasingly popular among adventurists and the deal doesn't sound costly as you can get the unusual experience for no more than 7 pounds a night.

Prison Hotel

Prison Hotel Interior

Dockside Crane Hotel - Dockside Crane Luxury

Dockside Crane Hotel

If you ever had this quirky feeling about how would life be like in a crane, then the Dockside Crane Hotel promises to satisfy all your fantasies. Docked in Harlingen, Holland, this is an original crane that has been turned into a deluxe hideaway. With an interior that could compete any boutique hotel, the hotel is packed with all the five star comforts you could dream of. The machine room has been converted into a bedroom for two provided with latest flat screen and audio equipment to create a fantastic environment. But the real fun resides in the driver's cabin where you can rotate the crane to full 360 degrees for a perfect panoramic view. The Dockside Crane Hotel charges 400$-550$ per night. A stay perfect for those looking for something to brag to their friends and relatives.

Crane Hotel Interior

Crane Hotel Room

Ice Hotel - The 'Coolest' Hotel on Earth

Ice Hotel

If you prefer to spend your holidays in unusual surroundings then the Ice Hotel can be one of the best places for you. The hotel is located near Kiruna, Sweden and is the first of the ice hotels of the world. The ice hotel is built with solid blocks of ice. One of the most amazing facts about the Ice Hotel is that it only exists between December and April, which means that it melts in summer and has to be constructed each year. The rooms are decorated with ice statues and even wine is served in ice glasses.

Ice Hotel Interior

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