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18 December 2011

Strange Facts To Blow Off Your Brains

Check out some of the weirdest facts about the weirdest stuff that will totally blow your mind off.

Chickens can live without a Head

If the brain stem is left intact after beheading a chicken, it can continue to live quite in harmony. There is one documented case of a headless chicken, the Miracle Mike, who lived for an impressive 18 months without a head. The famous story was born when a farmer, Lloyd Olsen, missed his axe and the brain stem of Mike was left intact, leaving one ear and most of the brain stem intact. The Headless Chicken was fed with a mixture of milk and water with an eye dropper.

Plants have Family Values

Canadian researchers have found that plants can have complex social interactions. They will grow more aggressively when planted close to unrelated plants than when they grow near ones they are related to. So, don't forget to think before you plant a potato near a tomato.

Crickets can tell you the temperature outside

Crickets can chirp for multiple reasons, from mating calls to predator warnings. But can a cricket help you to determine the temperature. Well, they can even tell you the exact temperature in the Fahrenheit scale.
Yes! anyone listening to the cricket chirps outside can determine the temperature with a simple mathematical method.
  1. Count the number of chirps a cricket makes in 15 seconds.
  2. Add 37 to it.
  3. You have an estimate of the temperature in Fahrenheit.
 Eureka! you have the temperature in Fahrenheit.

Kissing is good for health

We know kissing as a social pleasantry, the appropriate ending to a date and a means of connecting with ourmain squeeze. But apart from being a passionate act of love, kissing actually does a body very, very good.
Researches have shown that kissing can help improve immunity and increase the level of oxytocin in the body which naturally relaxes the body. Kissing not only strengthens your defense but also burns calories and keep your facial muscles strong. Talk about a better method of caring for health.


We are insect eaters

Humans eat over 1400 insect species. About 500 are consumed because people enjoy eating them and the rest slip past us in bread, fruit, vegetables and flour. Let's face it, we're all insect eaters.

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