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12 November 2011

25 Weird History Facts

These are the 25 weirdest facts about History which you never learned at school.
  • The national slogan of US, "In God we trust" was not adopted until 1956.
  • The last time American Green cards were actually green was 1964.
  • In a survey in London in 2000, 99% of bank notes were found to contain traces of cocaine.
  • The shortest war in history was fought between Zanzibar and England in 1896. The war lasted only 38 minutes before Zanzibar surrendered.
  • Until the nineteenth century, solid blocks of tea were used as money in Siberia.
  • Until the murder of President Kennedy, it wasn't a federal crime to assassinate the president.
  • The first bomb dropped on Germany in World War II, killed the only elephant in the Berlin Zoo.
  • Jericho at 9000 years old is the world's oldest walled city.
  • In ancient Rome, it was considered a sign of leadership to be born with a crooked nose.
  • After the completion of the Taj Mahal, Shah Jahan ordered the hands of the buiders to be cut so that no such building could be constructed again.
  • Clocks made before 1660 had only one hand, to show the hour.
  • During the Gold Rush in 1849, some people paid as much as 1000$ for a single glass of water.
  • February 1865 is the only month is recorded history which does not have a full moon.
  • In ancient Egypt, the heart was considered the seat of intelligence-not the brain. They thought that the purpose of brain was just to stuff the head.
  • Ancient Egyptians used slabs of stones as pillows.
  • Cats were sacred for ancient Egyptians. People shaved their eyebrows on the death of their cat as a symbol of mourning.
  • The custom of shaking hands was originally intended to show that both parties were unarmed.
  • Christmas was not declared a national holiday in the US until 1890.
  • In the 1830s, ketchup was sold as a medicine.
  • When Albert Einstein died, his last words died with him. The nurse close to him did not understand German.
  • A South African monkey was awarded a medal and was raised to the rank of Corporal in World War I.
  • The magical word "Abracadabra" was originally intended for to cure hay fever.
  • Julius Caesar wore a laurel wreath to cover his baldness.
  • Ancient Romans used dried boar dung as an steroid.
  • In the Middle Ages, spider web was used to cure wart.

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