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23 January 2014

The 10 Coolest Google Easter Eggs

Google Easter Eggs
Google is a much livelier company than what its plain landing page suggests. The guys at Google love to amuse their users with some cool surprises. And that's where Google Easter Eggs come into play. Below are some of the coolest Google Easter Eggs to try out. If you know more like these, then feel free to let us know in the comments and we'll post it with a thank you :)

Do a Barrel Roll

Do a Barrel Roll

The 'Do a Barrel Roll' feature was first rolled out in November 2011. Just type "Do a barrel roll" in Google Search and press Enter, and see your screen do a 360 degree spin. The trick was reportedly taken from the classic "Star Fox 64," video game from Nintendo, which was introduced on April 27, 1997.

Zerg Rush

Zerg Rush

Zerg Rush is Google's version of the game 'Star Craft'. Typing 'Zerg Rush' in Google Search will initiate a rain of O's which will destroy any search result they encounter. You can stop the destruction by eliminating the O's by clicking on them. Google keeps your score which you can post on Google Plus.

Google Gravity

Google Gravity

If you've loved the movie Gravity, then here's another type of gravity you would probably like. Enter "Google Gravity" and hit "I'm feeling lucky" and watch as everything on your screen falls apart.

Mental Plex

Mental Plex

Mentalplex is a search feature introduced by Google. The user is asked to stare in a spinning circle. Google then reads your mind and returns the results accordingly. No need to type and click. Google co-founder Larry Page said that "typing in queries is so 1999."
For the best the results, the user is asked to:
  • Remove hat and glasses.
  • Peer into MentalPlex circle. DO NOT MOVE YOUR HEAD.
  • Project mental image of what you want to find.
  • Click or visualize clicking within the MentalPlex circle.
Mentalplex was a April Fool's prank by Google in the year 2000. If someone clicked the MentalPlex circle, search results for "April Fools" appeared, as well as a notice that MentalPlex was "unclear on whether your search is about money or monkeys."
You can still try out Mentalplex at:


Google Pacman

The Pacman Google Doodle was introduced on May 21, 2010 to mark the 30th anniversary of the classic arcade game. You can still enjoy the game at .

Atari Breakout

Google Atari Breakout

Google has a classic gem for Atari lovers. Just goto Google Image Search and put in 'Atari Breakout' in the search box. You'll see your search page transformed into an Atari Breakout arena. You control the bar with your mouse and the arrow keys. The objective of the game to destroy all the blocks without dropping the ball. It's Google's way of celebrating the 37th anniversary of Atari.

Meaning of Life

Google Meaning of Life

Google sure has answers for everything. Now, it has an answer for the most important question of all. Type "answer to life, the universe and everything" into the query box and hit Search. The answer comes, "42". The answer is inspired by Douglas Adams' The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

Google Calculator

Google Calculator

Google's Calculator is much more awesome than your everyday gadget. Apart from doing the usual addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, it can solve logarithmic, exponential, trignometric functions and many more. But the coolest feature are the weird strings it accepts as numbers. For example, number of horns on a unicorn which is equal to 1. Some other examples are:
  • "the loneliest number" equals "1", a reference to the song by Harry Nilsson.
  • "once in a blue moon" equals "1.16699016 × 10−8 hertz".
  • "a bakers dozen" equals "13".

Youtube Snake

Youtube Snake

Do you get bored while waiting for your videos to buffer? Google has something for you. Now you can play a classic game of snake while your videos load. Just use arrow keys to steer your snake and help it eat the dots.

Talk to a Martian

Google Earth Meliza

Google Earth now has a new feature that allows you to go through Mars just like you would do for Earth. But the developers at Google didn't just stop here. Type “Meliza” in the search window while looking at Mars. This will take you to a place on Mars with a placemark labeled “MELIZA“. Click on that and the placemark bubble will open and start talking to you. The program is based on an old computer application called “Eliza” which simulates talking to someone (very poorly). But, it’s a classic easter egg for Google Earth. 9YYJACMRCR2R

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