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25 February 2012

6 Fun Facts About Human Body

The human body is an intriguing system which is still baffling doctors and researchers in spite of thousands years of research and study. From IQ to sweating, these are one of the amazing body facts that you never knew.

More Dreams, More IQ

If you dream a lot  then here's a good news for you. It has been found that dreaming and mental level has a direct relation, that is the greater your IQ, the more you dream.
While this may be true, don’t take it as a sign that you are mentally lacking if you can’t recall your dreams. Most of us don’t remember many of our dreams and most dreams are no more than 2-3 seconds–barely long enough to register. So start dreaming Smarty!! ;)

Fart For Your Health

Is a fart something to be ashamed of, or embraced? Is it as dirty as everyone thinks it is, or is it more natural than we would believe? The truth is that, farting can be amazingly beneficial for your heath. If you find the idea disgusting than think again because Benjamin Franklin (Yes, the one who flew the kite in the thunderstorm) has even written a book on the subject, "Fart Proudly".
It is an important part of our health. It helps propel fecal matter through the colon and gives the same effect as venting in our plumbing of “air behind water.” 
It is also a sign of good core strength, as compression of the abdominal cavity through the entire core causes the increase in pressure that forces air through the sphincter. Just think, every time you're cracking a butt bomb you are actually working out your abs!!

Optimists live a Longer,Happier Life

Yes, its true. Researchers at he University of Pittsburgh looked at the death rate and the chronic health conditions among a group of women and found that people who are optimistic- those who expect good rather than bad - live a longer and happier life than pessimists. 
Optimists are also 23% less likely to die of cancer and 30% less likely to die from heart diseases.  Now that's a worthy reason to think positive.

Human Body Glows in Dark

The Human Body literally glows. The human body emits an extremely faint light which is 1000 times less intense than the levels to which are naked eyes are sensitive. 
The discovery is done by the researchers at the Kyoto University, Japan. It has been found that the levels of the light rise and fall with the day. The light is thought to be the by-product of the biochemical reactions in the body.

Brains are Shrinking

Overall, human brains have shrunk overtime. Research have shown that the size of human brain has been decreasing with time. Using new technology, researchers have produced a replica of a 28,000-year-old brain and found that it is about 15-20% larger than our brains. But brain size has nothing to do with intellect so don't be afraid about the intelligence of your small brained descendants.

Smell of Male Sweat can Arouse Women

We all have learned at school about bugs using chemical signals to find mates. Recent studies have shown that similar behaviour exists in us as well. Scientists have found that the mere smell of a steroid present in male sweat can cause arousal in a woman as well as elevated secretion of the hormone cortisol. So, now you have a new effective method to attract some girls.

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